All 1990s Music Video Block

Did I do thaaaat? Sadly, I did!

I went and made this Thursday’s music video block theme be: THE 90’S. Come see what the last of Gen X’s latch key kids and baby Millennials were subjected to in the age where putting CYBER before everything seemed futuristic and cool.



First Aired 03/04/21. 💜🤘

This Thursday night video theme is: The 1990’s! – A collection of music videos from the 1990s, curated by the Whimsical Blasphemy Show, that emits the darkest of 90s angst & the various loud colors it comes in, riddled with the worst simping ever & SAFE SEX.

Published by Whimsical Blasphemy

A Music & Video Show that both Dazzles and Horrifies!

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