Audio Playlists

A collection of Mercy’s music playlists, as heard on The Whimsical Blasphemy Show, that you can enjoy anytime you like!

(More to come).

Spotify Playlists

Still building, much more to come! Keep checking back 🤘

Era/Genre Lists:

Mercy’s 80’s Childhood: electro, new wave, synth & lesser played pop music of the 1980s! Pure GenX nostalgia 📺

Artist Collection Lists:

A playlist comprised of only Frank Zappa songs that mock evangelicals, theocrats & religious/supernatural belief.

Themed Lists:

Ever damn song on this list has glass breaking in it! Multi-genre but mostly industrial, metal & electronica. (collaborative- feel free to add to it)
A playlist to be quarantined to! Songs about: virus, isolation, loneliness, longing, and solitude. Complied over the pandemic. Industrial mostly but mixed bag.

Show Set Lists:

A Whimsical Blasphemy Show set list archived by a viewer at The Satanic Estate (Summer 2021)

Mercy’s Current Favorites getting all the play:

What Mercy is playing to death right now

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