Every Thursday Night on Twitch: The Whimsical Blasphemy Music & Video Show

Catch the Whimsical Blasphemy Show every Thursday night on Twitch.

A weekly scheduled live broadcast of the WB Show that happens every Thursday Night on Twitch! Perfect for those who can’t manage to catch my random streams.

From 9pm EST to at least midnight, count on an onslaught of music and videos of various genres & themes that the viewer can choose to influence by spending points earned during the broadcast. Rewards vary and change per broadcast.

Though industrial, metal and the subgenres stemming from their merger are my default vibe, my sets feature everything from 80s & 90s retro music videos to the future of electronic music.

One does not have to subscribe to Twitch or download the app to catch the show, though its recommended.

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A Music & Video Show that both Dazzles and Horrifies!

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