WTF is Whimsical Blasphemy?

Whimsical Blasphemy is a live streaming music & video show broadcasted from Salem, MA. 🎃 One can catch the show on Twitch TV, The Satanic Estate, or at an assortment of privately booked virtual events.

Watch show highlights & broadcasts when I’m streaming live, on my Twitch page. twitch.tv/whimsicalblasphemy

How Did it All Get Started? Why so Satan?

The name “Whimsical Blasphemy” was what I intended to call my first theme set DJing blasphemous music at The Satanic Estate (formerly, TST Virtual HQ- TSTVHQ- which was an online space for Satanists to gather during quarantine) in October 2020. It was also my first time streaming live as a DJ! I was required to make a Twitch account to broadcast at TSTVHQ and decided to just use that as a name for my show moving forward. Many lovely Satanists came over to Twitch from The Satanic Estate to follow me there too, hoping I would stream other days of the week as well, and I inadvertantly gained affiliate status! I decided to keep at it and am so glad I did!

From one of my first streams ever at TSTVHQ. October 2020.

You will always find evidence of the WB’s blasphemous beginnings, not just in name, but blatantly in spirit, from Satanic emotes and chat bot commands that mock God, redeemable viewer rewards that assuredly would make Jesus cry (with evidence) and of course- in the music itself! When polled to vote for a new theme, “Music to Burn in HELL to” to will always be an option to choose, in homage to this show’s beginning. (…nah, I just really enjoy blasphemy, don’t let me fool you into thinking it’s a mere branding tactic, hahaha)


We tend to keep it pretty light hearted, even while enjoying exceptionally dark music at times. We are silly MFs, really. It just depends on what your sense of humor is, which will likely determine your enjoyment of the show or not. 😂

What types of music and videos does The Whimsical Blasphemy Show Play?

The show is multi-genre with an inclination for the dazzling & horrifying! definite focus in spooky & surreal electronica (industrial, electro-pop, noise), metal, experimental genres and retro nostalgic goodness- like 80s & 90s music videos.

Highlight reel showing the Whimsical nature of the show.

Music & video themes

…feature traditional themes, like artist and genre collections, to more abstract creative concepts. Mercy is always expanding and growing her repertoire and invites you to do the same, by not just tuning in to the show, but contributing to it in the form of your requests- as long as they’re in line with the theme!

The Whimsical Blasphemy Show is multi-genre, though you will notice preferences for sure.

Body & Blood by clipping. as played for the Blood theme.

Some Recent Themes Played on the Show:

The 80s, The 90s, Music to Burn in HELL to, Classic Rock, Assorted Electronica, Industrial, Broken Glass, Love You, The Satanic Panic, Just Cover Songs, Hate You, Blood, Isolation, Drive, Your Mom, High, Fuck the System, Old Timey Tunes, Crazy, Just the Ladies, RUN, The Feels, Money, The Darker Place & MORE

“Hero” by Sevdaliza as played for the Hero theme.

Who is behind the Whimsical Blasphemy Show?

The WB Show is owned, designed, curated and operated entirely by: Mercy (if that IS her real name).

Your Hostess, Mercy.

Mercy is a Minister of Satan with The Satanic Temple and resides in Salem, MA- where she has wanted to be her whole life. She is an autonomous communications creative by trade and sees streaming as a productive and entertaining way to practice and improve digital media skills- along with the obvious reason of living and breathing music, and the lovely community that has come to form around it,

More About Your Hostess

Mercy is Generation X and loves living in “the future”! She was one of the last latchkey kids and grew up during the time when MTV truly was music televison, and was the only thing on. She often uses the show as an outlet for all the songs, videos, retro public service announcements and commercials from 80s-90s media that still gets stuck in her head to from that time- even if they should have remained in their relevant decades, never to be unearthed again!

More Mercy Backstory:

During the 80’s, Little Mercy could easily be found by a boom box or VCR, sometimes both at once, finger waiting excitedly on the record button, for a song or video she liked to play so she could tape it to enjoy again and again and again, and will never get over having the ability to hear/watch anything she wants nowadays.

To her, music, and those who made it- with often wild and innovative concepts, fashion & personas- were a promise of a much more exciting future, vastly different from the small town life she knew and found very boring, and she wanted to share her findings with everyone.

She would often have her friends over from more strict families, whose parents banned MTV in their homes, to corrupt them with the glorious sights and sounds they were missing out on and enjoy their reactions.

Mercy and her friend even had a business in elementary school taping “explicit” music from their shared cassette collection for other kids who weren’t able to get it during “The Satanic Panic” era.

The Whimsical Blasphemy Show is in that spirit and definitely allowing “Little Mercy” to live her childhood dream of subjecting people to music & media she loves.