WTF is Whimsical Blasphemy?

Whimsical Blasphemy is a streaming music & video show broadcasted live from Salem, MA. 🎃 Check out my portal, here, on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/whimsicalblasphemy

What types of music and videos does The Whimsical Blasphemy Show Play?

The show is multi-genre but with a definite focus in spooky & surreal electronica (industrial, electro-pop, noise), metal, experimental genres and retro goodness- like 80s & 90s music videos.

Highlight reel showing the Whimsical nature of the show.

Music & video themes feature the mainstream to completely abstract: 80’s, 90s Industrial, Songs about Waiting, Songs with Broken Glass Sounds, Classic Rock, new releases, various artist collections , blasphemous music and more. Mercy is always expanding and growing her repertoire.

Who is behind the Whimsical Blasphemy Show?

The WB Show is owned, designed, curated and operated entirely by: Mercy (if that IS her real name).

Mercy is one of Generation X’s last latchkey kids, who grew up during the time when MTV truly was music televison, which is why she is qualified to deliver you the best (and worst) ones of that era.

More of Mercy’s backstory:

During the 80’s, Little Mercy could easily be found by a boom box or VCR, sometimes both at once, finger waiting excitedly on the record button, for a song or video she liked to play so she could tape it to enjoy again and again and again, and will never get over having the ability to hear/watch anything she wants nowadays.

To her, music, and those who made it- with often wild and innovative concepts, fashion & personas- were a promise of a much more exciting future, vastly different from small town life she knew and found very boring.

She would often have her friends over from more strict families, whose parents banned MTV in their homes, to corrupt them with the glorious sights and sounds they were missing out on.

Mercy may or may not have had a business in elementary school with a friend taping explicit music from their vast collection for other kids who weren’t able to get it during “The Satanic Panic” era.


Mercy resides in Salem, MA and is never going to live anywhere else, ever again. She is an autonomous communications creative by trade and sees streaming as a productive and entertaining way to practice and improve digital media skills- along with the obvious reason of sharing music and videos she cherishes with others. A Siamese cat owns her soul.

Song: <Demons> by Kim Petras
What Mercy has been listening to non-stop lately