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The Whimsical Blasphemy Show Live on Twitch Every Thursday Night!

April 6 9:00 pm April 7 1:00 am UTC+0

The Whimsical Blasphemy Music and Video Show flyer with emotes and music video collage.

Catch The Whimsical Blasphemy Music & Video Show LIVE on Twitch!


9 pm until at least 1 am (EST)

Every Thursday night on Twitch, one can count on an absolute onslaught of music and videos that span across various genres & themes.

Though industrial, metal and subgenres stemming from their merger are my default vibe… my sets feature everything from retro music videos to the future of electronic music, the mainstream to the completely abstract: 80’s, 90s Industrial Music, Songs about Waiting, Songs About Driving, Songs with Broken Glass Sounds, Classic Rock, New Releases, Various Artist Collections, Music to Burn in Hell To, Money, We’re all Mad Here, Hiiigh, and more. Mercy is always expanding and growing her repertoire.

She puts on the glasses and emotes show up on the lenses.


Are you new to Twitch?

One does not have to subscribe to Twitch or download the app to catch the show, though its recommended if one wishes to fully participate and utilize all the features- and there are many things you can do! (Though I respect our lurkers as well!) The viewer can choose to influence the course of the show by spending points (or “paying penance”) earned during the broadcast to play requests or sometimes even change the mood of the set! Your hostess is always trying new things and happy to barrage you with all the bells and whistles.

Show Rewards (points = penance)

A list of Twitch viewer rewards


Whimsicalblasphemy rewards 100 points every 10 minutes (Subscribers are rewarded with 4x points!)

  • All followers will receive 100 Penance upon following.
  • All non anonymous tippers will receive 100 Penance for every $1 tipped.
  • All cheers will receive 250 Penance for every 100 bits.
  • All subscribers will receive 500 Penance upon subscribing.
  • All hosts will receive 500 Penance upon hosting.

Not Just Thursday Nights on Twitch…

Thursday nights are but one of the times I broadcast! All week long, The Whimsical Blasphemy Show is live on Twitch for random pop-up shows, from “work and lurk” audio sets during the day, to sudden Retro at Random Music VIDEO MODE sessions in the middle of the night- which can make me hard to catch, so…. I committed to always stream every Thursday evening, to assure those who want to tune-in, can plan on it! Be sure to follow The Whimsical Blasphemy Show on Twitch for alerts as to when I go live, and definitely join our Discord for additional insight to when I’ll be streaming, and for further engagement with other viewers in our growing community.

The Whimsical Blasphemy Music and Video Show flyer with emotes and music video collage.

Check out past Twitch highlight videos here.

Learn more about the show and how to Twitch here!

Why go to a Twitch show?

Check out some existing audio playlists and music video sets. 

See you next… THURSDAY, lovelies! 


April 6 @ 9:00 pm UTC+0
April 7 @ 1:00 am UTC+0
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