Evil Shiiit… For entertaining Satanists.

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A playlist of music videos and media I created to entertain fellow Satanists attending The Satanic Temple Virtual HQ (tstvhq.com), at their virtual estate, which opens its doors every Satanic holiday.

Features: TST & Lucien Greaves created & related media, music videos from TST member projects (Satanic Planet, William Morrison, Scar Eater, etc)  & random music videos that are spooky, bad-ass, blasphemous, Satanic or just weird AF (or all of the above)

This was one of my first Whimsical Blasphemy Show music video playlists. It began in October 2020, the first time I D/VJed at TSTVHQ and has been replayed, expanded upon and re-arranged since then, and will likely continue to be, so keep checking back to see new additions!

Clip from “Pretty When You Cry” by VAST, which is one of many videos on this list.

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