Fallout 76: #wastelandweirdos

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I have been immersed in Fallout 76 whenever I can be during the pandemic these past few months!

My first CAMP build in FO4, not even level 5 yet, complete with gifts from random players, minimal atom spending and scavenging.

It has done wonders for my sanity while in quarantine by providing an additional needed social & creative outlet, as well as that special blend of productivity, entertainment and reward gratification that only a good video game can provide.

Fallout has always been my favorite since it’s first release, mostly for the always intricate storylines, possibilities, and the autonomy to craft your own tale and go off the beaten path, if desired. I’m thrilled that this element of personalization was given credence to in Fallout 76, with the multiplayer aspect being introduced which is clearly reflected in-game by:

– The implementation of character clothing now displaying over armor (otherwise we would all look the same early level, in our clunky mismatched leather and metal pieces).

– The ability to modify your CAMP, craft and vend to other players.

Preteen age level, crashing churches, taking selfies.

That being said, there are many players taking advantage of these features to create some amazing CAMPs and characters in the FO76 world, and I can’t help but take pictures and screenshots whenever I’m visiting my neighbors in the wasteland.( …that is, when I eventually decide to venture out of my own CAMP for once and take a break from decorating & crafting incessantly myself.) 😂

I have decided to share these images of such creations that WOW’ed me enough to take a picture of in posts to come!

We shall proclaim the project: #wastelandweirdos which will be shared across all the medias!

Never imagined “country roads” would take you here, did ya?

If you want me to visit your CAMP (PS4 only) leave a comment here with your gamer tag and usual times you play, if possible. 🤩

Or, come visit my camp (PS4): xwiredancerx

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