The One Stop RETRO 80s Music Video & Media Playlist

Its here! I’ve finally taken the time to compile my vast 1980s collection into one list that I think summarizes this decade the best! The One-Stop RETRO 80s Video PlaylistContinue reading “The One Stop RETRO 80s Music Video & Media Playlist”

The SATANIC PANIC Filthy 15 List

Re-visit the 1980’s Satanic Panic with various era relevant media clips & see the music videos accused of being too explicit for society- deemed “The Filthy 15 List” by the PMRC, who tried and failed to use them in a war against the arts and popular culture.

Evil Shiiit… For entertaining Satanists.

A playlist of music videos and media I created to entertain fellow Satanists attending The Satanic Temple Virtual HQ (, at their virtual estate, which opens its doors every SatanicContinue reading “Evil Shiiit… For entertaining Satanists.”

The Brooke Candy Video Bazaar

Video Collections/Artist: Brooke Candy My 2nd Artist Video Block Feature! Originally aired as a bit of a Lupercalia gift for (February 2021) this collection contains the most deranged andContinue reading “The Brooke Candy Video Bazaar”