The One Stop RETRO 80s Music Video & Media Playlist

A Flyer for All 80s Retro Music Videos

Its here! I’ve finally taken the time to compile my vast 1980s collection into one list that I think summarizes this decade the best!

The One-Stop RETRO 80s Video Playlist is NOT your typical 80s playlist at all.

…It may not be “One-Stop” if you are only seeking the biggest hits from artists of this decade. This is a meticulously curated collection of music videos and miscellaneous media of the 1980s, as played on The Whimsical Blasphemy Music & Video Show on Twitch during a retro video block.

It is designed to make you feel like you’re taking an offbeat jaunt through 80s music, media & culture.

📺🔥 You can shuffle this list if you like BUT it is best watched as arranged. 🖤🎶

It’s Good for a listen but better for a viewing!

You may notice some organization in theme/genre if left to play out as it is. I will be changing it up off and on, but the initial framework is built and ready for your immersion! You can expect subtle shifts and new additions here and there.

Watch it here on YouTube

This 80s Collection is: Multi-genre!

…with a focus on: new wave, synth wave, goth rock, hair metal, off-beat pop AND the general timeless moodiness, strangeness, and hilarity of the 80s decade.

It also includes: retro commercials, unsettling PSAs, news clips, MTV animations & other random era-relevant irreverent media!

It may explain why Generation X is the way that we are.

Nahhh, it really won’t at all, but it may explain WHERE WE WERE AT when 10pm came around! 😂

I am one of Gen X’s final latchkey kids & was raised on MTV and music videos, even preferred them over Saturday morning cartoons growing up. (read more about my show and 80s childhood here). I am beyond qualified and eager to deliver this to you, and glad I have an outlet for all this dazzling and horrifying media still inhabiting my headspace.


I will be updating this playlist frequently and adding more!

So keep checking back for updates! …and be sure to tune in to the show on Twitch while I’m doing a retro block (which is fairly often) where you will see what more and be able to request your own to add to the live mix!

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