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A collection of Mercy’s music playlists, as heard on The Whimsical Blasphemy Show, that you can enjoy anytime you like!

(More to come).

Spotify Playlists

Still building, much more to come! Keep checking back 🤘

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Era/Genre Lists:

Mercy’s 80’s Childhood: electro, new wave, synth & lesser played pop music of the 1980s! Pure GenX nostalgia 📺

Artist Collection Lists:

A playlist comprised of only Frank Zappa songs that mock evangelicals, theocrats & religious/supernatural belief.

Themed Lists:

Ever damn song on this list has glass breaking in it! Multi-genre but mostly industrial, metal & electronica. (collaborative- feel free to add to it)
A playlist to be quarantined to! Songs about: virus, isolation, loneliness, longing, and solitude. Complied over the pandemic. Industrial mostly but mixed bag.

Show Set Lists:

A Whimsical Blasphemy Show set list archived by a viewer at The Satanic Estate (Summer 2021)

Mercy’s Current Favorites getting all the play:

What Mercy is playing to death right now

Pretty Pain

Pretty Pain. 3/25. 10pm-2am EST.

One of my most personal & also abstract collections… Tonight will be a multi-genre block of visually stunning videos that cover painful topics & difficult transitions in beautiful ways.

Features movie clips and music videos from: Sevdaliza, Nine Inch Nails, FKA Twigs, A Perfect Circle & More.

Tune-in here on:

Link to Playlist & more info to follow…

Evil Shiiit… For entertaining Satanists.

A playlist of music videos and media I created to entertain fellow Satanists attending The Satanic Temple Virtual HQ (, at their virtual estate, which opens its doors every Satanic holiday.

Features: TST & Lucien Greaves created & related media, music videos from TST member projects (Satanic Planet, William Morrison, Scar Eater, etc)  & random music videos that are spooky, bad-ass, blasphemous, Satanic or just weird AF (or all of the above)

This was one of my first Whimsical Blasphemy Show music video playlists. It began in October 2020, the first time I D/VJed at TSTVHQ and has been replayed, expanded upon and re-arranged since then, and will likely continue to be, so keep checking back to see new additions!

Clip from “Pretty When You Cry” by VAST, which is one of many videos on this list.

All 1990s Music Video Block

Did I do thaaaat? Sadly, I did!

I went and made this Thursday’s music video block theme be: THE 90’S. Come see what the last of Gen X’s latch key kids and baby Millennials were subjected to in the age where putting CYBER before everything seemed futuristic and cool.



First Aired 03/04/21. 💜🤘

This Thursday night video theme is: The 1990’s! – A collection of music videos from the 1990s, curated by the Whimsical Blasphemy Show, that emits the darkest of 90s angst & the various loud colors it comes in, riddled with the worst simping ever & SAFE SEX.

Why watch or subscribe to a Twitch DJ?

Why visit and subscribe to a Twitch streamer, I mean… I can create and curate my own set and playlists just fine! Why bother?

I hope you do enjoy music and videos and make your own playlists too! There is a lot to be seen and heard out there and so many different ways to do so today, I don’t get how anyone can NOT be immersed in such autonomous auditory thrills all the time- I totally am, which is one of the reasons I started streaming- and will continue to!

I personally am always browsing people’s playlists and checking out fellow streamers because… As much as I love music, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else (that’s not an AI) decide what comes on next. No offense to the hard working algorithms that make many great suggestions… but sometimes they fall short too, and you can’t interact with them the way you can a Twitch show! They don’t seem to be as successful in picking more abstract theme sets either, maybe some day…

All that aside, I think this question is best answered by explaining why one would stream or wish to curate music online for others to begin with, so hear mine…

When I finally committed to a weekly streaming schedule, it was with a bit of nostalgia from my childhood in the 80s/90s- those long gone days that existed before the internet was widely available with the ability to listen to/watch anything you want- when one would have to wait allll day or even all week long to see something they wanted.

Yeah, that was annoying AF and I have no desire to go back to those times 😂 …but there is still a little thrill that comes with looking forward to such an expected simple pleasure like a music video show, even more in getting to be the one to provide that. I feel like younger me, who fantasized then about the technology we have today, would have been disappointed it I didn’t utilize it and try to live one of her childhood dreams in being a VJ. 🤩

Ultimately though, For me anyway, “streaming is better than screaming” … into the void, in other less productive ways, like I have been doing during quarantine at times. This isolation period has been brutal on most of us, we don’t have our usual social connections and are sick of the usual social media shits shows. Nothing feels sincere anymore- except for music, as always. Music never disappoints, and I can’t think of a better way to connect with others than enjoying music together.

…and when I see my lovely subscribers and followers tuning in during a random or scheduled broadcast to listen and chat, I almost feel like a human again that is capable of connecting with others in real ways. 😂 Even my beloved quiet listeners- who never engage in chat or cash in bits for rewards- your presence is comforting to me, in a world I’ve felt very disconnected from lately. I hope I provide you with the same feeling, because it’s a good one. …or at least give you something new to hear to help pass the time until that it comes for you again.

So, to recap- why tune-in to a music stream full of songs and videos you could build yourself?

1. You may hear something new you like, outside of your usual circles and algorithms.

2. Options to engage in unique ways that music/video streaming apps don’t provide.

3. It provides a social connection different from other online outlets that can be as passive or active as you like.

Please comment to this post, other benefits to live streaming, as well as any links to your favorite playlists and broadcasters!

Fcuk the President

A collection of music videos that criticize or mock US presidents spanning decades and genre!

Digs taken at: Reagan, Bush Sr & Jr, Trump and even Obama. (Anyone know of any videos banging on Clinton as the main theme? Contact me. )

This music video block first aired on the Whimsical Blasphemy Show, 2/25/2021.

The Brooke Candy Video Bazaar

Video Collections/Artist: Brooke Candy

My 2nd Artist Video Block Feature!

Originally aired as a bit of a Lupercalia gift for (February 2021) this collection contains the most deranged and delicious of Brooke Candy videos.

Clip from Lupercalia broadcast at 2/15/21

The Many Faces of Mike Patton

Collection/Artist Set: Mike Patton

First aired during Sol Invictus (Dec. 2020) at, this set consists entirely of music videos from the various music acts that feature Mike Patton.

Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Dead Cross, Fantomas, Lovage, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, solo, and more and more and more and more….

Fallout 76: #wastelandweirdos

I have been immersed in Fallout 76 whenever I can be during the pandemic these past few months!

My first CAMP build in FO4, not even level 5 yet, complete with gifts from random players, minimal atom spending and scavenging.

It has done wonders for my sanity while in quarantine by providing an additional needed social & creative outlet, as well as that special blend of productivity, entertainment and reward gratification that only a good video game can provide.

Fallout has always been my favorite since it’s first release, mostly for the always intricate storylines, possibilities, and the autonomy to craft your own tale and go off the beaten path, if desired. I’m thrilled that this element of personalization was given credence to in Fallout 76, with the multiplayer aspect being introduced which is clearly reflected in-game by:

– The implementation of character clothing now displaying over armor (otherwise we would all look the same early level, in our clunky mismatched leather and metal pieces).

– The ability to modify your CAMP, craft and vend to other players.

Preteen age level, crashing churches, taking selfies.

That being said, there are many players taking advantage of these features to create some amazing CAMPs and characters in the FO76 world, and I can’t help but take pictures and screenshots whenever I’m visiting my neighbors in the wasteland.( …that is, when I eventually decide to venture out of my own CAMP for once and take a break from decorating & crafting incessantly myself.) 😂

I have decided to share these images of such creations that WOW’ed me enough to take a picture of in posts to come!

We shall proclaim the project: #wastelandweirdos which will be shared across all the medias!

Never imagined “country roads” would take you here, did ya?

If you want me to visit your CAMP (PS4 only) leave a comment here with your gamer tag and usual times you play, if possible. 🤩

Or, come visit my camp (PS4): xwiredancerx